Sunday, 19 December 2010

Lovely snowy run

19/12/2010 - Could not resist getting out and having a run in the newly fallen snow.

Ready to go.

I had to keep it short as I need to go a pick up my daughter so I stuck to a 5 miler.  Decided to take to the country roads on the expectation that they'd be empty, which they were.  Bleeding cold but after a mile or so I felt nice and comfy. 

On the route.
 Met a few hardy individuals out for a walk all of whom looked at me as if I was mad.  Maybe it was the manic grin, I really was having fun.  Only Polar bears to worry about.

Behind you !!!
It's amazing how everything looks sooo pretty covered in snow, really Christmassy.  I could have spent hours out there but it was already time to be heading back. 

So headed back and still grinning from a lovely run in stunning scenery.  Hope it hangs around so that I can go for a night run.

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