Tuesday, 12 April 2011


12/04/2011 - The holidays are here !!

Well went for my last run in the UK for a few weeks last night.  A lovely 5 mile jaunt in the sun, blowing off the cobwebs after my Sandy 10 miler the previous week.  I'm off to Cuba for a while so it'll be interesting running in the balmy heat of the Caribbean.  Hopefully there will be somewhere to run.  Last year I was in Mauritius and on leaving the hotel there was a lovely park next door where you could run for miles - perfect.  Fingers crossed there's something similar.  When I was in Turkey the hotel had a running track, it was 200 meters long.... and straight, it was completely useless. 

Anyway it'll be May before I post again but hopefully I'll have some stories to tell and some photo's to share.

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