Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Running up to my operation

24/08/2011 - First I'd like to congratulate one of the TR24 team, Stephen Wright, who at the weekend completed his challenge of "Running the Tube Lines" - something in the region of 400 miles.  His blog is well worth a read.  Here's the video of him completing the final leg:

This was an amazing achievement and the charity he did the running for was also the one we ran for at the TR24 so please if you've not already sponsor him for this (and us/me the TR24 team for our much smaller efforts) via Stephens page:

So how's the running going I hear you mumble out of politeness.  Well pretty well as it goes.  I've been upping the mileage each week and in contrast in my normal way of training actually been adding a bit more speed to the odd run.  It's going to be hard when I have to stop for a couple of weeks after I have the ear operation but that's life.  Probably the bigger issue is the martial arts as I've yet to ask how long I need to stop training for.  Running's one thing, being hit in the heads another :-).  Mind you a break from all forms of physical exertion for a few weeks may be just what my body needs.  Got a fair few hurty bits though the worst is the left shoulder/collarbone area which has been bugging me for months. In truth I may need to see an osteopath but well see how it is after a rest.  Worst thing is I've lost a lot of strength from the left arm as a consequence so punches off the left arm are not so good.  This sort of thing does not help lol (I'm the pad holder):

Sadly for me canceling my participation in the Swinesheads 10 miler was a bit of a downer.  I really enjoyed that race and was hoping to really make a big inroad into my personal best.  Bit embarrassing as well since I talked a number of guys I work with to do it with me but I may be able to wave from the side of the road.

Once the operations done and I'm recovered I'll need to dig out a training plan for the marathon next year.  Not that I'll follow it but still best to have one all the same. Lots of winter running to be done and no other races planned this year so motivation is going to be key.  I may see if there's something local I can run in November/December - thinking about it there is the Santa Run in December which is always fun.  Also I will lose some weight - a stone will be about right.  The thought of running a 26 miles seem a lot more achievable a stone lighter.

p.s. Running last week I managed to kick a dog into a hedge.  I was running along when a chap with two little snappy dog things off the lead came into view walking down the side of the field to my left.  As I passed one the the dog shot across at me straight at my legs. Before I could react, I was going downhill so at a reasonable pace, my right leg connected and off the little blighter went sailing into the hedge at my right side.  Decided not to break stride as the little and rather dejected doggy exited the hedge to have it's morning ruined even more by a telling off from it's owner.

Don't forget please sponsor Stephen if you can it's for a very good cause. Thanks :-)

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