Sunday, 29 January 2012

Bring on February

29/01/2010 - January, as I alluded to in my previous post, has been ... well .... crap. My wife eventually needed to have a tooth pulled, fortunately a molar at the back, to deal with the abscess in her jaw. My chesty cough was in fact a lung infection and I got told off by both my wife and the doctor for the 5 mile run I had completed earlier in the week - oops. So cue two rounds of antibiotics and though my lungs are a little clagged up I'm now clear of infection and allowed to run again - it's good to be alive.

Glad to be alive!
So today I went for a run. Four and a half miles at under 5mph. Impressive? No to be honest, but I was just so happy to be outside and running. Later I joined my karate class for a couple of hours training and while I found myself getting breathless quickly I managed to finish on my feet.

Not on my feet.
On the up side I repaired the ceiling in the kitchen after it was ripped down due to the water leak of the new year. On the down side I've still got to repaint the damn thing. January, and consequently 2012, has so far been a mixed bag. Even my daughter's not been immune to the ups and downs. Anyway she loves Benedict Cumberbatch and the BBC's Sherlock so she wrote a tune in his honor. I really like it and the fact that she composed it in January trumps everything else that's happened and makes January overall a good month. Though not as good as February - that's my birthday month :-).

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