Monday, 21 March 2011

Break Falling

20/03/2011 - Well firstly apologies for not posting for a couple of weeks.  I've only done a few runs since the half marathon due to initially taking a small break and just being too busy with other things.  Anyway I had to get back to training a.s.a.p as I have a 10 mile race at the start of April and a beach holiday coming up :-).

In the week I managed to convince my daughter to do one run a week with me and to do the fun run at Whipsnade in June.  How did I manage to pull that off I hear you ask?  I pay her a pound for every mile run which she collects for Scottish Wildcats conservation.  So I dragged her from the garden and took her out for a 3 mile run.  This cost me £2 since I'm the one with the GPS phone and quite prepared to lie :-).

Taking it easy in the garden
Any tonight was the night of the Perigee moon or some call it the Super moon.  Amazing sight and so bright I almost did not need the torch.  As I've mentioned previously I'd found a nature reserve just outside the village which is lovely to run round, day or night, so this was where I was heading.  I was still aching quite a lot from the Saturday as I'd completed a 3 hour combat crappling seminar with Matty Evans a top notch self defense instructor.  Damn my face hurt from being crushed more times than I can count.  So I did not really feel like heading out but I had to get going again and there was that glorious moon.  So first things first I took a picture, stored away the camera, popped on the headtorch and set off.

Perigee Moon
Set off through the village and out via the cycle path before jinxing off into the nearby field.  Two miles later and I'm in the woods.  Another mile and I'm out the other side and scare the life out of a small dog playing in the fields.  Off across the fields over bridges, back in to fields, bridges, fields, trip, arse!!  Rather than fall flat on my face I did a forward break fall, rolled and regained my feet.  Anyone watching it would have looked like I was doing a Captain Kirk impression ala those fight scenes were he forward rolls around to avoid the alien charge.  This is one of the benefits of a martial arts background :-).  Anyway, thankful I was not covered in horse shit, I carried on.  Eventually I decided I needed to head back home and turned tail and retraced my way back to the village. 30 minutes later and I'm back home, mud covered but happy to have got out.

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