Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Ho Hum

01/03/2011 - well it just 5 days till the Silverstone marathon and I'm getting a little worried.  I did a 9 mile run the previous Monday and all was well.  Wednesday I did a 5 mile recovery run and at mile 4 my achilles tendon in my right foot became rather painful.  Had a rest till Sunday when I could only do 3 miles.  So I'm gong to try a short run, say 5 miles, a few days before the 1/2 marathon and hope it's better.  What's also not good is that my daughters been ill with a streaming cold and my wife's just come down with it.

So short post for now with my fingers crossed that everything will be OK for Sunday. 

Oh and as I did not take any pictures while out here's a pitcure of a plane I took the other weekend :-).

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