Wednesday, 29 June 2011

It's been a good week

29/06/2011 - Oh what a week last week was.  Monday was a little less energetic than I'd planned as the run I was to go on deteriorated into a glass of Champagne.  Well it was rather warm out, the garden looked lovely and I had a bottle of Champagne chilling in the fridge.  I looked to my wife for support but in a pathetic lack of good decision making she got the glasses, the wine cooler and so I popped the cork.  One empty bottle later and we're left wondering if this is any way to go through life?  I retrospect I'm going to say ..... yes.

Running's going really well and I'm doing a comfortable 24 miles a week though my task this week is to get that number up.  Had some really nice runs through the countryside, finding some great new routes and I now have a running partner for Sunday mornings which is nice. Biggest problem at the moment is not my fitness but finding the time to fit the runs in.  As is normally the way at the time I need to be increasing my runs the "other" things get in the way.  None more so than work.

Can't say too much about it other than I've been asked to do some consultancy work in the Big Smoke that is London.  So it's on the train to Canary Wharf; which for a while also includes some weekend days. Been a while since I had to commute to London and about 5 years since I worked at Canary Wharf so it'll be interesting. 

The paving slab laying's nearing an end thank God.  I no longer have any finger prints and my back's foobarred.  Mind you it's coming together nicely and another weekend and a lick of paint and it'll look splendid.  Once finished I'll take a nice picture from the end of the garden so you get the full effect :-)

Getting there
Oh, as an aside my daughter brought home her school report detailing what she's expected to get for her GCSE's.  All of them A or A* except one B.  Like the fantastic parents we praised her unreservedly.  No not really we asked what's with the B lol.

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