Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The New Forest, a 10k and new shoes

08/06/11 - Well sine coming back from Cuba I've started training in earnest for the Adidas Thunder run in July.  I'm currently running 20 miles a week and the intention is to increase that week on week until I'm hitting around 40 a week prior to the race.

Training took a bit of a hit due to a lovely long weekend in the New Forest. I'd completed 3 10K (total 18 mile) runs that week before we left for the New Forest.  The plan was to do another while I was there.  Oh well; best laid plans and all that.  First morning it was out the door of the New Forest Inn and off into the wilderness.

 Well to be honest first it was off into the shops of Lyndhurst for the morning.  Then it was back to the Inn to dropped off the purchases and then finally off into the wilderness.  We must have walked about ten miles through the forest meeting wild horses and cows along the way.

Well we got back I popped my running kit on a went for a run (idiot).  Next day we visited the New Forest visitor centre then once again set off into the great unknown.  We managed about another 10 miles but thankfully managed to fit in a pub on the walk.  Loads more wild horses; they even came over while we were at the pub.

Back to the Inn and a stunning lovely Sunday roast dinner.  A pretty prefect weekend topped off on the Monday for our daughter as she got to go riding for two hours prior to our journey home. I can't recommend the New Forest Inn enough; or in fact the New Forest itself.

Now I had a 10k race coming up at the Whipsnade Zoo so the day after we get back from the New Forest I'm out for a run.  Ouch!!!  I had to turn back after a mile due to very painful shin pain - blasted walking.  I'm not built for walking.  So I did no more running that week.  Sunday comes and it's off for the race.  I'm worried I'll not make it round because of my legs but I've paid so I'm going.  As it goes I need not have worried.  Got round OK and the legs were fine (race report will be in the completed race section shortly).

Finally this week I took delivery of a new pair of Lunarglide +2.  Wow!  Amazing how comfy they are.  I Thought the original Lunarglides they replace were good but these are lovely.  First run in them tonight and they were first rate.  Very happy :-)

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