Monday, 20 June 2011

Running again

20/06/2011 - It's  been a good week for running and I'm beginning to feel I might actually be able to do the Adidas Thunder Run in July (deluded fool).  Still need to lose a bit, well a stone, of weight but at least the trainings going OK. Hopefully I'll be able to report in my next blog that I'm increasing the mileage.  Had a nice run with a friend on Sunday morning whose recently moved into the area.  He wanted to know where he could run so I took him out and showed him the running route near where he lived.  I may have made a small mistake taking through the woods.  It was a lot more overgrown than last time I'd run through it and a hell of a lot more "stingy" than I remember.  The way was overgrown with stinging nettles and our legs were a little worse for wear by the time we exited.  Still, good run and he's asked if we can make it a regular thing (but not the wood portion).

I purchased some new running shoes recently, some lovely Nike Lunarglides +2, and I will having used them for a few runs say they are fantastic. It's like running in your best pair of slippers; wonderfully comfortable. I decided to buy the grey and purple ones.  They are also clean.

Biggest problem I have at the moment is that I'm only half way through the laying of the patio area in the rear garden.  Things are progressing well ..... the screaming back pain, the destroyed hands, the agony in the hands, wrists and forearms and lets not forget the stiff neck; all of which are progressing well.  It's hard to go for a run when your bodies in agony.  How do people do this for a living??  I know that 20 years in the IT industry has left me with the hands of a young child, or perhaps those best attached to a Geisha trained in the art of tea making and dealing pleasure,  but I thought the body was reasonably tough.  Years of Martial arts and exercise??  I should be immune to these aches and pains.  Anyway I got on a fair lick and I'm probably 70% of the way through.  I even got the drain cover replaced with a nice new one.

Getting there

So hopefully I'll have the paving completed by the end of this weekend and can start to fit the heaters, water feature etc to make the area a really nice place to sit in the garden ..... for my wife as I'll be indoors painting.


  1. Those shoes look great! Good luck with the patio.

  2. I have just bought some of them shoes too! I agree that they are like running in slippers! I think its fair to say they are the best £80 i have spent!

  3. My second pair and I do like them at lot. Not a even a sniff of a blister etc since using them.