Sunday, 9 January 2011

New Year, time to start decorating.

09/01/2011 - This weekend sees the start of the decorating season, a serious threat to running mileage.  I was under strict instructions to get started decorating the outhouse first thing Saturday morning.  I knew I was never going to get out in the evening, I'd be too tired, so decided I had to get out early in the morning.  Set the alarm for 7am.  Saturday morning arrives and the alarm does it's job.  I jump up and then remember that I was supposed to be doing the first combat training session of the year at 08:00.  Bum.  So it's of out the door and off to the training session not the run I was planning.  So it I was going to lose a days run so I had to be sure to get out Sunday morning.  So I set the alarm.  Sunday morning and I'm up and out the door to the cry of "make sure to start on the outhouse pronto".

First thing I notice is damn it's cold.  I was beginning to regret wearing the ultra light marathon jacket instead of the warmer running jacket.  The road is white with frost and very slippy.  Much slippier than running in the snow.
At least the suns shining which make it quiet pretty and I'm warming up quiet nicely so I'm beginning to think the light jacket was the right choice. I run past a field of horses who look less than impressed with the morning chill.
Bored Horses in a field
Past the horses and It's back through and out the village passing some equally bored goats. Onwards to the mill where I near do a pretty good impression of an ice skater on a large patch of black ice.  Pass by the mill and a chap whose dog simply refuses to come back.
The Mill
Carry on past the cemetery and it's the return leg home.   I get home and begin to stretch, happy that at least I'd got five miles in this weekend but peeved that's that's 10 miles short of what I wanted to do.  Oh well the outhouse is looking good.

EDIT: Apparently it's not an outhouse now it's a utility room.

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