Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Night time leg around the towns

26/01/10 - It was dark, it was cold, it was wet and I needed to get out and run.  I decided to try out a new route, in fact I decided just to head out of the village and wing it.  So I strapped the trusty headtorch over the top of my beenie hat, fired up Runkeeper on the phone and set off.

As I was unsure where I'd be going and for how far I decided to keep the pace steady and not go too mad.  First was leaving the village, so it was through the high street and then off down a dark path through the lanes. Here the torch came into it's own and ensured I neither fell onto my face or ran into one of the many hanging thorny branches.  Still it was rather dark and at one point I was chased down the darkened path by a horde of zombies...... honest.

Proof !!

So having escaped the bloody clutches of the zombie horde I got as far as the nearest town.  I then decided I'd run through the town and head back home in a big circle.  It's amazing for me, since I tend to run a lot down the country lanes on my own, when running through a town just how many other runners there are out even on a cold rainy night.  So I'm doing OK though not entirely sure where precisely I am and I'm having to stop to look at road signs.  Also something I'm not used to, stopping for traffic to cross a road.  Eventually I make it to the other side and exit onto a road I know will take me back to the village.  Excellent.  So headed for home knowing I was no more than another three miles from a cup of tea.  In total the run ended up being just over seven miles so nice distance and route to add to my growing list of routes.

Apologies if for any typo's if there are any but as I'm typing this one of my cats is pestering me for a stroke and is licking my hand while I type.  Stupid cat :-)

Stella - licky cat

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