Monday, 24 January 2011

The tale of two cameras

24/01/10 - Well last week was a bit of a mixed bag as far as the running goes if I'm honest.  On the upside I managed a PB for the 10k and felt pretty good all week.  On the downside I've got so much on that I only managed 3 runs in total for the week.  

Tuesday saw me deciding to really push and see how quickly I could do a 10k.  I felt great and, for me, flew round.  Finished in just over 51 minutes, 3 minutes under my previous best.  I'm pretty sure you could here me puffing away from 5 miles away.  I must of sounded like the home made porn video of  heavy smoking 80 year olds.

I had to wait till Saturday to do my next run and it was a slow plod round my usual haunts.  It was made slower by a new toy and one of the reasons for the title of this post.  I'd got myself a tiny tiny video camera ( see below):

It's got a 2 mega pixel video camera and sound recording.  The video quality is surprisingly good and I was impressed with how good  it also recorded the audio.  I tried clipping it to my jacket, with one of the many attachments it comes with, and running with it but as expected the video's too jerky.  I can see how it would work well on a bike though.  It's very small, light and I'll use it to record bits of my run if as and when. Below is a short vid I took while out:

For 11 pounds it's a bit of fun, though it does lend itself to dodgy voyeur snooping I think I'll give that a miss.  I'll have to keep it away from my daughter as I reckon it'll take her 2 minutes to realise she can hook it onto the cats collar and record where the cat goes.   Trouble is I know it likes to visit our neighbours and I neither want them to think we're spying on them or even worse to see them on the bog.

I enjoy my Sunday morning runs as they get me going on an otherwise lazy day.  Not much to report on this Sunday as it was a pretty standard uneventful run round the lanes .  A nice easy 5 miles. 

So why the title "The tale of two cameras"?  Well today I took delivery of a Canon 550d DSLR.  I've wanted a DSLR for years and final decided to invest in one.  It's very nice and oh slightly more expensive than the pin hole camera :-). So that's my evenings taken care of for a few weeks.

Cannon 550d plus EF-S 18-135 IS Lens

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