Monday, 3 January 2011

Oooo It's so hard after Christmas

03/01/2011 - Not the first run of the new year, that was a 3 mile struggle on new years day, but still it felt like my first proper run.  I'd taken a break over Christmas and stuffed my face with all the usual food stuff and probably too much alcohol as well.  So I'm a touch heavier than I was ten days ago and really feeling it.  I set off .....slowly. Really found it quite hard going and by the time I reached the cemetery at 3 1/2 miles I felt I might become a resident a little earlier than I was hoping.

At the Cemetery - I must wear my other sunglasses
Quick pic on the phone and off I set again.  Considered going for the seven mile run route but changed my mind and kept to the five mile one.  It's amazing how a ten day break and a bit of extra weight effects the running and even though I'd been doing ten milers pre-Christmas this five miles seemed tough.  Got home and decided I really need to start pushing a bit as it's only three months till the Silverstone 1/2 marathon.  So it's cutting back on the indulgent food, beer and upping the mileage.  First challenge of the new year though is to get up for work tomorrow morning.  Oh and I miss the snow, odd really, but I do.


  1. Hi, this is lizard from Runners' Forum. I'll follow your blog as you train! While I'm still injured at the moment, I look forward to tales of blood sweat and tears from you! Good luck.

  2. Hopefully not too much blood, hope the injury's not too bad Liz. Thanks for taking an interest. :-)